Mind your head

Is that even possible?

This is a trying time. I am blessed by having kids and be able to home office. Yet…

A large range of motion has suffered in the obvious way (lockdown) but the same happended to my brain. There’s something curious about the way out brain works: it is expansive, it likes to classify, it needs tending of some sort. I was well-versed in yoga, meditation techniques, the works; but when push came to shove, there were moments where I would melt down because I only could take so much and cope for so long.

Do questions turn into new ideas or more questions?

I worked as a UX design mentor, which is far more difficult than getting things done by myself as an UX designer.

My hardest trial was the analogue UX phase. This means I had to UX things that were non-tech.

The work that entails not being able to be subjected to formulaic thinking is massive.

It’s straight “think out of the box” (all the time) “leave comfort zone” (and never return) and now, go and build some UX manual for things that UX was never thought of for.

You get to learn a lot.

First off, you have to denaturalize

I was an usability coach. Meaning I did not UX things, but guided others to do it. (Teach the person to fish, et cetera)

This is a follow-up to my first article.

This said, I would like to share my experience as a mentor at an incubator, where I had to mentor, using UX, a bunch of non-tech projects, such as ecological/ sustainable bricks for house building, a roboter made of recycled material, a DNA sequencing machine (not software, the actual machine). This was not an easy task for an recent UX graduate with nil experience. I had to reinvent…

Cynthia Quiros

loves science. writes poetry. translates knowledge. Ux the world. Let's #OpenSource everything. MEGANERD

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